Proofreading of English Language Paper and Presentations.

Quality Guarantee

Proofreading is a crucial part of the writing and publication process, often influencing the acceptance or rejection of a manuscript. Recognizing this we invite writers from all fields to submit their manuscripts for proofreading. We have observed that many articles are difficult to comprehend by reviewers and editors due to poor use of grammar, which is a core component of any kind of presentation or writing.

This is probably a result of learning English as a second language by the authors of such article(s). We therefore advise authors to send us their manuscripts for a thorough grammatical editing/correcting.

Submit your manuscripts to both emails: and

Please note: The manuscripts must be submitted in MS-Word format. Authors should use a standard typeface such as Times New Roman in 12 points and 1.5 line spacing.

We guarantee to provide the highest quality of English in all the documents. This will satisfy the standards required by the international publishing industry.

If you are unhappy with the completed work, send your reasons for your dissatisfaction. Our native professional proofreader (with more than 40 years academic experience) will examine it to verify if the reasons cited by you are indeed true.

If the reasons cited by you for dissatisfaction is indeed found to be true, our editor will work on your manuscript once again at no additional cost until your satisfaction.

However, you should not have made more than 15% changes to our edited version before submitting it to the journal.

If despite our best efforts, the service is not up to your expectations, we are not in the position to pay back money.

Steps: 1. Send your document in an editable format.

  1. You will receive individual feedback from us (deadline, comments, price offer and possible question).
  2. Send your acceptance back per email, and make the bank transfer.
  3. After the arrival of your feedback and payment transfer, we will start the proofreading of your document.
  4. Scientific Presentation
  5. The final document will be sent to you for approval.
  6. In case of correction, necessary corrections/changes will be done

Fees: Our charges are categorized below (Vat excl.) 80 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 1-9 pages 100 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 11-14 pages 120 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 15-19 pages

  • 140 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 20-24 pages
  • 160 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 25-29 pages
  • 180 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 30-34 pages
  • 200 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 35-40 pages
  • 250 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 41-50 pages
  • 300 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 51-60 pages
  • 350 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 61-70 pages
  • 400 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 71-80 pages
  • 450 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 81-90 pages
  • 500 (GBP) for manuscripts in the range of 91-100 pages

Also, we allow discount for multiple manuscripts and organizations/institutes/universities that requires our services on a regular basis.

Payment mode - Bank Transfer


Bank: Barclays Bank PLC.

Account Name: DPC2009 Ltd.

Account Number: 90864447

Sort Code: 20-18-15


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