Lecturing in:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Scientific Writing
  • Scientific Presentation
  • Sport Sociology
  • European Union and Sport
  • Project management

dr. Henriette Dancs, PhD

Academic attainments and qualifications:

MSc in Sport Science - Semmelweis University Budapest, 1981 - 1985

University Doctor in Sport Science - Semmelweis University Budapest, 1993 - 1995

MSc in European Studies - Berzsenyi College, Szombathely, 2002- 2004

PhD in Sport Sociology/Sport Development: Theme: "Sport Contribution to Sustainable Development European Dimension" -Semmelweis University, Budapest, 2002 - 2007

Dr. Dancs has been interested in Sport Sociology, Sport Management and Notational Analysis for over 25 years. She is associate professor in university ELTE, Szombathely,(Hungary). She has published over 50 papers and she is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.

Henriette has also contributed to over 10 books, and organized 35 international conferences over the years. Her areas of expertise in Sport Sociology are: Sport and Sustainable development, EU and sport, Sport and Globalization, Sport and Intercultural Communication. Her filed of expertise are in Notational Analysis are: technical, tactical movement analysis in Volleyball and in racket sports includes modelling, perturbations.

She is the Founder and Coordinator of the International Network n Sport and Health Science (INSHS). www.inshs.eu

Henriette is the founder and also the project director of SportProfNet (SPN)www.sportprofnet.com

Language knowledge: English and German

Email: dancs@nyme.hu

Dr. Mike Hughes

Professor Mike Hughes has been interested in Notational Analysis for over 30. He has worked with NGB teams as an analyst in squash, hockey, soccer and badminton. He has published over 160 research articles, he is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences both for academics and coaches.

Mike has also written and contributed to over 28 books, and organized 30 international conferences. His areas of expertise include modelling, perturbations, tactical and technical analyses, and movement analysis. Recent research covers work in performance indicators in soccer, racket sports, performance indicators in basketball, cricket, sports acrobatics, perturbations in soccer, women's squash, reliability techniques in performance analysis and scoring goals in soccer

He was the Founder and now President, of the International Society of Analysis of Sport (ISPAS), and also founded the International Journal of Performance Analysis of Sport. He is Chair, Performance Analysis Sub Group, INSHS. Mike is a Visiting Professor to 9 universities worldwide, accredited Level 7 by ISPAS, BASES Accredited 'Sport and Exercise Scientist', and as a Level IV squash coach he coached English and Welsh national squads and the GB University squash squad

Email: mikehughes@data2win.org