Blog Example for Bloggers

Hello everyone,

We want you to have a clear idea in your mind about** HOW TO BLOG WITH US!** So this post expects to solutions all your questions. Otherwise if you want to ask, just leave a comment :)

First of all, remember to Blog With Us go to our Contact Formularie and follow the instructions.

Your Blog Post must have:

  • Up to 500 hundred words

  • An obligatory image sent to our email. We recommend you a 4:3 image for a better view and adapt to out format. In the image You can also add more images sending the internet links. *You should be the owner of the image, or the image should be free. We do not take any responsability for the images published inhere.

In your Blog Post you will see:

  • Title at the head

  • Image at the top, like the one you see uphere!

  • Text: up to 500 words

  • You can add images and links between your Blog post Text

  • Signature, Website and Social Profiles.

Please, once we reply your first contact email, you should send back again your article in a Word Document and the desired image links in the place you want them to be. We will publish it as soon as possible.

Letīs talk soon