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SportProfNet (SPN) is a global web platform with the mandate to share useful information and serve the needs of students, academics, researchers, experts in Sport Science and Sport in general.

SportProfNet has 3 main communication channels:

  • website
  • blogs
  • FB

SportProfNet aims is to provide and share easily accessible information and news about: scientific events, literature, jobs in sport and sport science, research, sport and technology, university sports, mobility programmes, learning/working abroad for university staff/students and international relation officers and professionals in sport.

SportProfNet mission is to support international cooperation/mobility, multicultural communication according to our principles/priorities: sustainable development, fair play, equality, environment and health protection and quality life through sport.

SportProfNet ’s phylosophy is to serve. Our aim is to develop and grow our online community by supporting international cooperation/mobility, multicultural communication according our principles/priorities: sustainable development. fair play, equality, environment and health protection and quality life through sport.

Our activities are:

  • Blog with us and share your knowledge: academics, students, researchers, sport journalists, athletes,coaches, commercial company representatives and other sport experts can share their opinion and advice in different sport and sport science related topics. Besides you can use our blog to bring people to your own website, social network profiles, services…. We want to make you able to spread your knowledge.
  • Academic services: consultancy, lecturing, proof reading, course design, dissemination
  • Organisation: of sport scientific and university sport events, programmes and courses.
  • Multilingual FB Wall: to spread all the news of this website and all blogs new entries we use our different Facebook Walls, it works like a news portal in English, Hungarian, German, and Spanish.
  • Promotion, advertising.
    A news portal sharing updated information about sport science worldwide. This area refers to:
    - Conferences, workshops, research projects, publications, books, grants
    - Announcements on university sport: camps, tournaments, festivals, jamborees, tours and others.
    - Promotion of international exchange/mobility and study programs of universities relating to sport/sport science :courses, PhD, internships, Erasmus, etc.
    - Advertisement of jobs for academics and students: summer jobs, part time and voluntary jobs, academic work, researcher, coach, analyst, animator, etc.
    - Offers on cheap travelling, accommodation, students discounts: commercial offers - products, services for universities, students, academics and adverts.

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